Collection: ELANTHÓS Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Discover our extra virgin olive oil, carefully selected to offer your palate an authentic Greek experience. Renowned for its exceptional quality and incomparable taste, our olive oil is the fruit of three generations of know-how. It is the passion of four women that has kept Dimos Koronaios' vision alive: to create an authentic nutritional heritage, filtered drop by drop with love and patience, just as nature does so well.

Greek Olive Oil, a Blend of Tradition and Excellence

When you buy our Elanthós olive oil, you're immersing yourself in the heritage of Greek olive culture, where every bottle of olive oil tells a story of tradition, passion and excellence. Our partner producers grow and harvest their Koroneiki variety olives with a deep respect for the land and ancestral traditions.

Guaranteed Quality and Taste

For us, quality and flavor are at the heart of our commitment to our customers. We source directly from our local producer, Elanthós, ensuring that every bottle of olive oil you receive is of impeccable quality and unrivalled flavour. Every stage of our supply chain is carefully controlled to ensure that the natural flavors and health benefits of our precious Greek extra virgin olive oil are preserved.