About Us

VELI is an epicurean importer specializing in the procurement of ELANTHÓS, an exclusive small harvest Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil (GEVOO).

Our roots intertwine with the very soil that gives life to the ELANTHÓS Olive Oil, and it is from this deep connection that our love for the land, its people, and the fruits of their labor blossoms.

Over the past 15 years, VELI has cultivated a niche client base, primarily by sharing ELANTHÓS with friends and coworkers. As the years went by, the interest  grew year over year, from Montreal to Toronto all the way to Vancouver Island.

The word was out,

we had the most divine Greek EVOO. Friends and co-workers shared it with family and friends which created bigger interest and demand each harvest season.

The rule was simple, send a text in October and come end of January you were making greek salad with the most divine EVOO, ELANTHÓS.

October 2022 is when everything changed, interest was coming from the other side of the pond, Poland, Belgium, France and even Korea.

Everyone wanted our Greek EVOO. At that moment we knew we had something special, VELI epicurean imports was born with one promise,

One crop a year,

One bottle,

One price,


Every product we import is not just a business transaction for us; it's a product we believe in and use daily in our own kitchens.